Exciting cooking experiences

Advanced features

Family interaction


Your sixth sense in the kitchen

Answer phone calls from the countertop, watch Netflix while mixing cake batter and managing your kitchen’s inventory efficiently.  

Kisense is much more than another smart solution; It is a revolutionary system that incorporates multi-purpose and interactive technologies in order to create a thrilling and productive cooking experience. 

The system’s sensors and designated applications are embedded into your working surface, creating a seamless experience and an ideal operating system in your home kitchen.  

Provide your customers with the world’s most advanced kitchen

Product attributes

  • Easily use recipes directly on your work surface
  • Weigh ingredients using a built-in weighing scale
  • Manage your grocery list with Kisense’s built-in barcode scanner
  • Open multiple browsers on the surface’s different regions to create an interactive family multiuser experience
  • First dedicated hub connecting all smart kitchen appliances rather than your smartphone
  • Send out emails while chopping vegetables
  • Watch your favorite TV show while following a recipe to make dinner
  • Download your favorite apps (e.g., Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube)
  • Multi-touch surface supporting up to 10 simultaneous touch points
  • Create a profile for each family member
  • Use Bluetooth to synchronize the kitchen system with your smartphone
  • Conduct phone calls from the working surface
  • Control over all smart home features through the kitchen

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