Our mission is to connect between people by technology

Who are we?

MTtech. Our DNA.

MTtech is a high-tech company that develops, manufactures and markets interactive multimedia systems for functional uses. 

Two central principles guide us throughout the product development and manufacturing process: 

  • Functionality 
  • Mutual Engagement 

In an era marked by a tendency to converge into individual devices, we develop functional technological solutions that encourage interpersonal interaction. We exploit the multiplicity of screens available today to construct a collaborative and efficient working environment that brings people together.

Using apps and sensors we create ideal systems that enhance performance within their operating environment. Our smart solutions have been applied to various uses and sectors, including education, real estate, car sales, and kitchen design. 

Our creative vision translates to usable products. Imagine the gadgets you’ve seen on James Bond and other spy and Sci-Fi films – we turn these gimmicks into actual practical tools!

Our vision

We believe that innovative and functional multimedia solutions can bring people together. 

We aspire to be a company that spearheads smart solutions with the purpose of connecting people. 

The smart working systems we develop for office and home environments emphasize personal customization to deliver the perfect balance of entertainment and functionality.

Our values


Each component in our systems is designed and implemented with materials of the highest quality and attention to the smallest details. 



We tailor our products to the specific needs of clients, thus guaranteeing perfect usability.



Our systems are very easy to operate, our customers are not dependent on us or third party services.

Provide your customers with

the world’s most advanced kitchen

The Smart table

Revolutionizing sales pitches

The smart table is a touch-screen table system that combines hardware and software solutions to address the client’s unique specifications. By using the table and its features, sales agents maintain eye contact with the customer, thus establishing a personal connection and paving the way for a more effective and positive sales pitch. 


MTtech’s smart tables have proven to be highly effective in areas such as real estate, car sales, architecture, photography, and more. To date, we have developed six different models of the table, and we would be thrilled to develop a new model that caters to your needs.

Path led by curiosity

Every step we take in the development process is guided by curiosity. After three year of developing and selling our smart tables to leaders in the real estate and car dealership industries, we decided to create another unique product. We set our inner curiosity free, which resulted in the development of KIsense – the smart kitchen system. 

KIsense, the first smart kitchen of its kind, is a hardware-software solution that integrates into the kitchen’s working surface. The past six years have recorded a 70% increase in the development of smart kitchen solutions. We are proud to lead this trend.

Come explore for yourself