For the modern kitchen with today most advance tech adaptive solutions for kitchens is ” KIsense “.

Our products  have 3 sizes to choose from 32” / 42” / 55” design with wide spectrum of user adaptation and are based on modular platforms that allow easy maintenance for the users.

Your Apps

Interactive Cooking Guidance

Say Hello To Your New Kisense System

Call Center

Digital Weighing System

Android interface, apps as Facebook, WhatsApp, Web browsing, YouTube, games etc.

Bluetooth hands free call system, by connecting a cellphone through Bluetooth to the KISense system, it allows receiving and sending phone calls and get all the contacts info from the cellphone

Multi-touch surface, up to 20 touch points simultaneously.

Build in digital weighing system makes all the screen area as sensing  weight platform

TV platform, the system can by use as TV screen.

Build in barcode sensor, the sensor is located on the panel system allowing the user to scan any barcode and the system will display the product info, name of the product, PIC, where can you buy it and prices, letting the user to add it to shopping list.



Phone: 1-700-55-9696

Phone: 1-700-55-9696