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Growth by Design

Allow us to implement our proven design process to your business, and watch automated growth come to life.

What We Do?

We have many experience in developing highly-advanced, before-their-time interactive multi-touch systems, using only the most cutting-edge technology alongside our signature software solutions. Our products are top of the range and often the first of their kind on the market – you can expect highly intuitive, fully functional and the most efficient products you’ve ever encountered.  

We Match Your Needs

Our approach is innovative, and we can apply the smart technology we develop to almost anything. We have interactive multimedia systems for a variety of different purposes, providing solutions for businesses, institutions and private homes.

We turn specific customer needs into a maximized, highly optimized user experience, personalized according to your dreams.

Work With Us

We pride ourselves on the variety of platforms for collaboration we provide across a wide range of verticals. We’re lucky to have collaborated with some of the world’s leading technology firms, and also having worked on a variety of challenging and collaborative projects.

We invite you to reach out for us for any kind of collaboration.

Discover Who We Are

MTTech stands for ‘Multi-Touch Technology’ – and we produce and market cutting-edge, market-leading technology solutions

for a variety of interactive and functional display products. Our aim is to maximize your everyday environment – be it work space, kitchen or entertainment area, to give but a few examples – into a memorable, interactive and optimized experience, combining multi-touch systems over a variety of platforms.

The Sky’s The Limit.

We interact with touch technology all the time – but what if we could apply it to the rest of our daily lives? Challenge us to create you a multi-touch solution, to maximize every part of your day – after all, the sky’s the limit.

Our Proudcts.

The first ever smart kitchen on the market – with added integrated technology – Kisense will make you want to spend more time in your new, interactive and adaptable kitchen. Find out more about the exciting ways your kitchen could interactively work for you.

smart table is the interactive business solution you need – say goodbye to endless documents, projects and your old way of doing business – with smart tabels, you can do it all from one, interactive multiuser table. It’s the paperless office of the future.

MTTech On The News.

MTTech’s innovative smart office and sales systems has been widely reported on the prime time news.

Following a successful project, developing a paperless multi-touch table and having it shown in the very first all-virtual real estate showroom, Israel’s Channel 2 ran a story about how our innovative systems helps salesmen to deliver their pitches in an intuitive, interactive and highly visual way.

Moreover, our system’s influence on customers allowed them to interact with the demonstration, receiving information in a much clearer, thorough and more engaging way.

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Phone: 1-700-55-9696


Phone: 1-700-55-9696